“I have been going to Viv for massages and Auryvedic treatments for over 7 years . Vivs relaxtion massages are wonderful . And are just what is needed after a few weeks of stress at work !
Viv is a caring and professional practitioner of Ayurvedic treatments . I have Basti treatments on a regular basis for a shoulder issue and they have helped me function without medical intervention .
I would highly recommend Viv”

Karen T, Mission Beach

I love attending Viv’s workshops and yoga retreats. I enjoy the balance of yoga, free time to bush walk and explore as well as make new friends and enjoy the lovely healthy Vegetarian food. I come away feeling refreshed, healthier and full of motivation. Viv is full of knowledge and experience as a yoga teacher and Ayurverdic practitioner. Its really worth the drive from the Atherton tableland to Cardwell for retreats or Mission Beach for a treatment. So don’t be shy spoil yourself today and support a local lady business owner, who loves to help you become happy and healthy!!

Joanna V Atherton

“I have known Viv for many years, attended her yoga classes and ayurveda workshops, and been given excellent ayurvedic advice. She is knowledgable, enthusiastic and passionate in her work and I recommend her without hesitation. Thanks Viv!”

Gitam G, Burringbar

“Zoom yoga with Viv. Throughly enjoy Viv’s gentle Yoga and this format accessed through Zoom I can do yoga anywhere Viv or I go”.

Teresa R

“I had been struggling with digestive issues and mid life changes. I have found success with Viv’s Ayurvedic Consultations as a holistic approach and complementary to traditional medicine. Highly recommend the treatment to assist with anxiety, with a calming effect and a bonus of mental clarity.”

Teresa R

“Shirodhara Treatment in this treatment, warm oils is poured on specific points of the head through a pot. It has relaxing effect on the body in the mental and physical sense. This is a heavenly experience. I highly recommend this of all the massage treatments Viv offers.”

Teresa R

“I first met Viv Brooker when I booked an Ayurveda Massage at her Clinic in Bingil Bay. After enjoying that first massage so much, I continue to book with Viv once a week usually, and have continued this treatment for over twelve months. I wouldn’t go anywhere else because Viv’s massage is special, she focuses on any painful issues I have and I always come away feeling much better than before. As well as Ayurvedic Massage I join Viv on her weekly zoom Yoga Classes, twice a week for me, Monday and Wednesdays at 5PM, and this has loosened up my joints, strengthened my muscles, given me more energy, taught me correct breathing and meditation practices. I was in my late 70’s when I began zoom Yoga with Viv, and had never done Yoga before. I also have joined two of her Yoga Retreats at Butterfly Valley, south of Cardwell, during the past year and find these beneficial both physically and mentally, so much so that I plan to go to at least two more in 2021. Viv has restored my health, strengthened my will, and brightened my future, thanks Viv.”

Barb K, Kurrimine Beach

Viv has the most amazing yoga classes and I have also had treatments and ayurvedic consultations. She really knows about everything she teaches. She is such a beautiful person.

Roslyn L, Mission Beach

MASSAGE CLIENT –” I was able to attend an Ayurvedic Massage with Viv, and cannot speak highly enough of the relaxing and blissful experience that unfolded. A truly luxurious delight. One I will be returning for.”

Jo T. Tully

YOGA RETREAT – “t was a pleasure to be able to attend last years yoga retreat at a location that was picturesque and tranquil. I found the experience of being able tototally immerse oneself in yoga, nutrition, sound healing and good company in a peaceful setting was paramount to getting the most out of the retreat weekend.”

Jo T. Tully

YOGA CLASSES – “I had previously enjoyed face to face yoga with a lovely bunch of new people to meet. Being offered zoom yoga at a convenience in our own home has been a pleasure and a delight, to still be able to attend class and not miss out. Viv’s ability to move people forward in yoga or work to our own capacities, whilst always maintaining ones’ own strength, form and function.”

Jo T. Tully

“The ‘express’ facial I had with Viv recently was wonderful. Viv offers a unique experience in a relaxing environment. Viv has healing hands and is very gentle.

I always feel pampered and nurtured when having Viv’s treatments and highly recommend them.”

Sarah J, Mission Beach

“I have been very fortunate to have found Vivien Brookers’ yoga classes which have greatly benefitted my health and overall peace of mind, including meditation routines to soothe the soul.

My favourite practice of course is the monthly restorative class which resets you both mentally and physically for the month ahead and allows you to relax into this crazy world around us.

I find that my sleep is sounder after attending one of Viv’s classes, as well as my demeanour being more relaxed.

I also have found that lifes’ troubles are washed away from my thoughts and I feel reinvigorated and healthier. I highly recommend joining one of her many sessions to see what I am enthusiastic about!

I recently attended the Cardwell Retreat which was incredible, yoga classes undertaken surrounded by nature, healthy, nutritious and abundant food provided all weekend with like minded individuals, it was a wonderful way to reconnect with nature and reinvigorate my life. Namaste, love and light”

Julie H, Sydney

“To whoever is interested in yoga

I have been going to Viv’s yoga classes and some of her retreats for at least 10 years.

Viv is a wonderful teacher who has a great blend of postures, breathing and relaxation techniques.
Once a month her full moon class is a must for a complete reset and relax for me.

Viv’s classes are a wonderful way to keep flexible in a gentle manner but also with enough “oomph” to keep your body in shape.”

Mandy P, Mission Beach

“I am a forty year old woman that has struggled with an unreliable tummy my whole life! I’m not talking about indigestion or heartburn. Sadly it’s all the other end that troubled me, I’m talking about all that uncomfortable smelly stuff many ladies don’t want to talk about. That is putting it politely!! Honestly people, I eat so well, no dairy, min wheat, not much from a packet, but still all the GP’s, naturopaths and alternate people have all tried to diagnose my tummy for years with all sorts of things, from IBS, Chron’s, Celiacs to name but a few. But I always felt their diagnosis was incorrect. Icontinued my mission to try and fix things without chemicals and long extreme unrealistic diets, ect. However in my reading I stumbled upon Ayurvedic practice and after a short time I thought it was right up my alley but needed some professional help. As luck would have it I found Viv. Before my first appointment I did not expect a miracle as I have been disappointed many times before. But not this time, this was a huge success! Viv spent a good chunk of time with me discussing my constitution and diet, then explaining my imbalances. After this she shared a heap of knowledge and helped me fine tune some seemingly small but extremely important changes to my day to day diet! Only weeks after seeing her i could say i have had the best bowls movements in my adult life and now months and months later i still have the most regular and happy tummy i can remember having. Plus the extra benefits of a healthy tummy are now showing in my skin, eyes, hair and overall well being, added bonus!

For anyone out here who can’t trust a fluff, or is just sick of always feeling uncomfortable, Go see Viv!”

Elaine C Innisfail